Annual Report

2012 Annual Report 





– Bibb County Platt Books are available at the Tax Assessors Office for $45 – Friends had an advertisement placed on the

same page as the Refuge

– Have a new membership level – Seniors – age 65 + for $15

– Alabama Engine contacted a professor at UAB to have his students assist the Friends with a new website.  The Friends

voted to give a year’s membership to each for their work.

– Donated money to the First Baptist Church for use of their dumpster which we use for our monthly cleanup on our


– Refuge Manager stated work will begin on the high wall the first to middle of April; 35 acres to be clear cut will be

contracted out and timber sold; heavy equipment necessitates closing of the Piper Tail and expansion work will be done at

the same time; 1st observation deck off existing trail will be ADA wheelchair accessible with a 2nd deck at the end.

Internal meeting within next 3 weeks with goals and objectives developed to begin CCP for next 15 years – Friends needed to

inform the public.  May 2012 will be beginning of public input and notices will be posted to inform public.



– Friends had a display at the Annual Wild Game Dinner at the Centreville Baptist Church

– Friends’ President is attending meetings regarding the Birding Trail in Alabama.  The Refuge will be a “magnet”

not a “gateway”

– Received information from the Bibb County Wildflower group and Randy Haddock from the Cahaba River Society for our


– Doug Barrett, Professor at UAB brought his students who made a presentation concerning the new website which will include

PayPal for memberships and t-shirt sales

– Sent a support letter to The Nature Conservancy for their new project – “Blueway” which will be along the Cahaba River

– Sent a “Thank You” letter to the American Christian Academy in Tuscaloosa for several of their students who pick up

trash along the river in Perry County

– Started work on the April Renew Our Rivers cleanup – we have commitments for the majority of the food; will need

to make a decision on t-shirts within the month

– We have a new partner – Cahaba Riverkeeper – Myra Crawford who is also a new member of the Friends.  Myra will be

presenting “Muddy Water Watch” at a future meeting

– Living River announced their groundbreaking ceremony will be April 22 from 2-6PM

– Refuge Manager requested a committee to plan the Refuge’s 10th Anniversary; have order panels for the kiosk at River Road; a

large tree has fallen and will be removed; reclamation work has been pushed back to May – there will be no cutting during

Renew Our Rivers; one hundred acres to be logged not 35 as originally mentioned


– Have formed a Sign Committee for the Piper Trail

– Work is progressing on the website with the addition of maps

– Forest Service will be hosting meetings regarding Invasive Plant Species and Motorized Vehicles in Brent

– We were notified of a grant opportunity which we might use for a Friends’ brochure.  Cahaba Riverkeeper agreed

to assist us in writing this grant; Doug Barrett, UAB  Professor, agreed to assist with layout, printing, etc.

– Finished plans for Renew Our Rivers which is held in April

– New member Scott Zegler presented samples of a decal he is furnishing to the Friends to give out at our events – the

decals will be blue and white

– Refuge Manager stated the Fish and Wildlife Budget for 2012 is almost the same as 2011 with the exception of

cutting 36% of their Fire Budget – there will be no prescribed burns on the refuge; sending bids out regarding

repair and stabilization of River Trace Road; the Piper Trail Extension Project is moving forward in the regional

office – the trail will not close until sometime in May; Jacksonville State University has loaned an intern to the

Fish and Wildlife Service for several months – they will be developing signs for the overlook; waiting on the

archeological review regarding the highwall reclamation; possible date for 10th Anniversary will be in September


– Continuing with the writing of the grant for a brochure for the Friends.  It is due April 30 and will be awarded

June 21

– Refuge Manager announced a committee has been formed for the 10th Anniversary Celebration for the refuge; the sale

and removal if salvageable was discussed

– PayPal is now available on the website – we have one lifetime membership which has been purchased

– Renew Our Rivers was a success – we had 102 volunteers who collected 1.2 tons on the refuge and in the river – which

included one boat; the county landfill had 70 loads for a total of 18.75 tons; Wes Wyatt from Fox6 attended


– The NWR Friends grant has been submitted – Cahaba Riverkeeper did an excellent job

– The Friends were invited to Ryan Kirkland’s Eagle Scout presentation – his project was building and installing

7 benches along River Trace Road.

– Voted to have a booth during Lily Festival on River Road

– Refuge Manager reported the Piper Trail project is moving forward – work to start in the summer; there was an

Intergovernmental meeting to discuss the Refuge’s CCP;  regarding the reclamation – currently doing contamination

studies of the water and gob pile soil, once the findings are known, Fish and Wildlife will know how to proceed; the

Refuge Staff will have an Auburn student working for the summer; The Fish and Wildlife Service along with the Nature

Conservancy took a canoe trip on the Cahaba River in Bibb Co


– Contacted by Mountain Brook Community Church who wants to pick up trash along the Cahaba River

– Furnished a Friends’ t-shirt for a prize during the Cahaba Riverkeepers 4th Annual Duck Derby

– There was no Refuge Manager’s report as she was in a training class

– Cindy Ragland from the Talladega National Forest -Oakmulgee Division spoke to the Friends concerning

the oil and gas leases in Bibb County; she will continue to keep us updated


There was no meeting



– Alabama Scenic River Trails requested a support letter from the Friends regarding a boat ramp on the Cahaba

River in Centreville

– The Friends’ President is on the Bibb County Tourism Committee which is in the process of creating a tourism

brochure for the county.  It was suggested and approved that we become a sponsor which will include our logo and

contact information on the brochure

– It was suggested and approved that we make a donation to the City of West Blocton for their continued support of

the Friends in letting us use their Municipal Building

– Contacted by a high school teacher from Pell City who had taken his students on a float to see the lilies –

their first time to the Refuge

– Cahaba Riverkeeper presented their program “Muddy Water” during our regular monthly meeting; all attendees received

a manual

– Refuge Manager stated the 10th Anniversary event scheduled for October had been cancelled; regarding the high wall –

someone will cut 35 acres of timber; the intern from Auburn had picked up trash; River Road will be repaired; the Piper

Trail overlook starts August 15; there had been one drowning



– Supported the Talladega National Forest-Oakmulgee Division in the National Public Lands Day Cleanup

– Nominating Committee presented the officers for 2013 -Paula Fancher-President; Rick LeCroy-Vice President;

Suzanne McKinley-Treasurer; at this time no secretary

– Update the Tourism Brochure – have held a meeting for changes and corrections – should be printed and in

the Welcome Centers and Rest Areas at the end of December

– Have started work on the Friends brochure – will request content and photos from the members

– A letter of support from the Friends was requested by Alabama Innovation Engine – it has been submitted

– Refuge Manager requested the hours and amount of our monthly trash pickup – we informed her that we do not

keep records; sent out a press release regarding the Piper Trail



– No meeting

– However, the Refuge Manager took several members on a tour of the Piper Trail

– Stacy Armitage who was the Regional Friends Coordinator for the Fish and Wildlife Service has been named Deputy Refuge

Supervisor for AL, GA, NC, SC PR, VI




– The Board met to discuss where the organization needs to go and grow; will have new goals and information

at the January 2013 meeting

– We have a new board member – Chuck Allen who is with the Bibb County Wildflower group and on the

board of the Coke Ovens




The annual Christmas Dinner with the Bibb County Wildflower

group and the Cahaba River Authority